Critical Studies on Security

Critical Studies on Security (CSoS)

Security is one of the defining features of our, or any, time. Collectively we seek security, value security, desire security, while at the same time often being troubled by the actions that are taken in the name of our security. Critical Studies on Security is an international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of ‘security’ in and through social critique. The journal aims to publish theoretically informed scholarship, which engages with the practice and politics of security. We welcome articles from or across the range of disciplines, and from any of the critical social theoretical positions.

Housed at the York Centre for International and Security Studies at York University and published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis), Critical Studies on Security publishes scholarship that has undergone rigorous peer review, including an initial screening by the editors, and recommendation by at least two anonymous reviewers.

Submissions should be of previously unpublished work, should not be under review elsewhere, and should include an abstract. For further information or to submit an article, contact the editor, David Mutimer, or managing editor, Shannon Stettner, at